5 Ways To Transfer From Hanoi Airport To The Old Quarter, Hanoi Airport To Old Quarter On Arrival (Updated)


From my local point of views: Hanoi Airport is modern, clean safety in Vietnam. In order khổng lồ avoid potential scams, không tính tiền hassle và confusing navigation how lớn get Old Quarter lớn meet any budget and comfortable ride to lớn your khách sạn address. I sorted out some means of transportation from/to Hanoi airport khổng lồ Old Quarter with reliable transfers which best option is good for you.

Hanoi Airport to lớn Old Quarter distance

Hanoi airport to old quarter by local bus

You will see màu sắc of local bus station, some 10 minutes walking from airport to bus stop nearby with airport local bus direction sign board

the Number 86 bus from Hanoi Airport to Old Quarter costs 30,000 Vietnamese Dong, or about $1.30 per person. The ride takes about 1 hour, and is more comfortable thanthe public bus number 17

This bus stops at several locations in the Old Quarter. Instructions to catch the Hanoi Airport Bus lớn Old Quarter:

Public bus is cheapest option but more crowded & day time working only, if your flight arriving late at night, it is impossible to catch any bus. Also it takes more time as the bus will stop on the way to lớn pick up local passengers. If you want to lớn experience this local transporting, tìm kiếm for the public bus number 17 or 86 which runs from Noi Bai Airport to lớn Long Bien Station. Don’t walk away if you miss the catch; the next one comes in the next 20 minutes. It should take about 40 minutes khổng lồ an hour depends on the traffic jam khổng lồ get to town. You can walk to lớn your hotel from here with not much of confusions. The fare is 9000 VND – 30.000 VND per person (0.5 $) – (1.5$). However, you will have lớn pay for your luggage if it excesses the regular size.

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Find the bus stop outside the arrivals area, when you reach the roadway.Get the Number 86 bus khổng lồ Hanoi Old Quarter
When you get off the bus và may take a regular taxi to lớn your hotel.

Shuttle bus or service vans operated by the airline companies will cost around 40.000 VND (2$) for one way. There are three of them:

Jetstar Pacific: if your flight with this air company, you can catch its vans depart shortly after the arrival. You can reserve and pay before boarding.Vietnam Airlines: from Terminal 1 arrival, the bus leaves every 30 to lớn 40 minutes.Vietjet Air: you must book a seat via their official website and catch the bus at Terminal 1. These shuttle buses will stop around accessible ways to Hanoi Old Quarter. Whereas, minivans can drop you off your khách sạn if you show the address to lớn the driver

Grab xe taxi

Using Grab Taxi và have the ứng dụng downloaded on your device. The airport should have free internet available so that you can summon a car with ease

**Tips: if you already have a SIM thẻ with a number, great. But if you don’t, leave the message in the phầm mềm chat about your position (the pillar number), remember the car number & keep track with GPS navigation on the app to see if your oto is coming. Grab fare should appear on the application. It ranges averagely from 250.000 ($12) & may rise in rush hours or traffic jams or sometimes driver is not available. So need more time to tìm kiếm for it some lucky and some not


private car from hanoi airport to old quarter

The best option after Covid-19 pandemic over, more than this must be the most convenient way to transfer to Hanoi Old Quarter from Hanoi airport, There are companies & tour agencies you can reserve a private car, or you can proceed lớn any express booth near the way out khổng lồ book a car

Or another way khổng lồ have a car picked you up is to tương tác your khách sạn in the old quarter before the day you arrive. They should have the pick-up service which you will pay some extra for the convenience. You will get a welcome man holding a placard with your name at the arrival gate, and he will be your driver

This way you can worry-free about scammer and frustration like in the hassle public bus as well as travel all the way to lớn your hotel from Noibai International Airport

Recommended transportation: Hanoi airport pickup on arrival

Arriving in Hanoi Old Quarter

Most of hotels in Old Quarter or surroundings will give useful menu of the things khổng lồ watch out forin the tourist saturated Old Quarter Hanoi

Don’t get a street taxi. They are arip off. Requestthe hotel to organize a xe taxi instead.Watch out for the shoe shine boys around the corner they’re relentless & charge high prices.Watch out in daytime, the crowds are thick và you might thua a wallet to pick-pocketers.There is a 24 hour convenience store 100m up the road… yay.A bản đồ of the best local restaurants, of which there are plenty.Always bargain prices down by about one-third, that is the standard markup for tourists và the sellers rarely get offended with this street haggling.

Exploring Old Quarter at the first time arriving

Old Quarter Hanoi is a charming và quaint area. Lining the streets are countless small and normal looking establishments with an old world charm. Browsing these shops are tourists from all corners of the globe

Find the famous Vietnamese Egg Coffee, & maybe a giant Lake Hoan Kiem turtle. Slowly pace you will discovery this vibrant city from local people to lớn foods, shopping, business street life. Truly amazing Asia city is making different khổng lồ any other cities you visited in the world. Hope you enjoy it all for your next adventure trip.

Hanoi Airport Transfer You may need to know before arriving Hanoi to plan a perfect trip


Hanoi Airport to lớn Old Quarter và Hanoi train station

Transfer hanoi to halong bay from airport

Hanoi airport to ninh binh from arrival

Private transfer from hanoi khổng lồ sapa from airport

Recommended car Pickup: Hanoi Pickup

Finally I recommend online booking reservation from locals Hanoi Airport lớn Old Quarter at night or any time pickup via trang web or arriving time at airport for convenient and safety

When making a booking, you will need khổng lồ advise us of your flight details và your accommodation details. Your Hanoi Airport transfer khổng lồ Old Quarter will be confirmed within 24 hours.

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Meeting point at Noi Bai airport:

a, For international flight

Please head outside the arrival hall khổng lồ column 8 (Terminal 2).

b, For domestic flight

For domestic flights in Hanoi (flight arrival hall), please head outside arrival hall A/B or lobby E. We will reconfirm your pick up location in advance.

Hotel Pick Up:

Please wait at the hotel lobby. Kindly arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled pick-up time

Following chart is reference cost for Hanoi airport lớn Old Quarter fare, just for example price at the time that can be a bit higher or lower depending local situation demand market.

Useful Tips for Hanoi airport transfer

When you arrive at Noi Bai International Airport, you’ll see your name on our staffs’ hand signboard. Our Hanoi Airport drivers will wait for their passengers at the “Arrivals” area, where other drivers are also waiting with name boards. If you arrive at Noi bai Airport & do not see your name on a board, you or our driver, maybe waiting in the wrong lobby. There are two Arrival lobbies, A and B, and if you cannot find the driver please go to the “Information Desk ” and ring us on : ( +84 ) 369283168 .

Should you tip your driver? It is up khổng lồ you whether you want lớn tip the driver or not. If you are happy with the service he gave you can, however, there is no obligation.

Read more: Rent A oto With Driver in Hanoi

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After the plane landed at the Hanoi airport (also called Noi Bai airport), probably your first question will be: How lớn get from Hanoi airport to the center of Hanoi city or the Hanoi Old Quarter?
From Hanoi airport lớn the Old Quarter
You bởi vì not need lớn worry, because your question is also what most Vietnamese people want to need when they first arrive Hanoi.Noi Bai is a name that many people in Vietnam still use lớn calling the Hanoi airport.Just as in many other cities in the world, Hanoi airport is located on the outskirts of Hanoi and it is located quite far from the thành phố center. The distance from Hanoi airport khổng lồ the city center is 30km (if you go follow the old highway: Thang Long - Noi Bai). But now, you can go to lớn the center of Hanoi on the new road from Hanoi airport lớn West Lake and Hanoi Old Quarter. The distance is just 15km now.Taxi from Hanoi airport to city center
If you go khổng lồ Hanoi center from Hanoi airport by taxi, ask the driver lớn go towards the Nhat chảy bridge which is crossing the Red River - Read more: Hanoi Red River Bridge. If you go this route, the distance from Hanoi airport khổng lồ Hanoi"s Old Quarter is only about 20km. Total of time is 30 minutes if no traffic jams.
From Hanoi airport to city
What means of transport should you use khổng lồ go khổng lồ Hanoi center from Hanoi Airport?
In fact, there is not much transport from Hanoi airport to city center. You can just go khổng lồ Hanoi center or Hanoi Old Quarter or Hoan Kiem district by taxi or bus. These are two common means of transport that Vietnamese people still using present day. How to get a good xe taxi or bus, please read the newest post on this web: Hanoi airport bus
How much is xe taxi from Hanoi airport khổng lồ Old Quarter?
The cost of a taxi ride from Hanoi airport khổng lồ My Dinh Bus Station is about 13-15$ & from Hanoi airport to the Old Quarter is 8-10$.The articles you may like1. Hanoi weather in December2. Best time to visit Hanoi3. How to go to Hanoi from Ho bỏ ra Minh4. Should I go to lớn HanoiAlso, to lớn save more money, you could take the own bus of the airlines in Vietnam as Vietnam Airlines, Jetstar Pacific, Viet
Air... Usually run from the gate of the airport to lớn the center of Hanoi.Two of the places where the Hanoi aiport bus will be parked và paying guests are Tran Nhan Tong street and Quang Trung street (near Thien quang quẻ Lake, Hanoi Train Station & far awat about 900-1,500m from the Old Quarter).The things you need khổng lồ note:
At Noi Bai International Airport (Hanoi airport), there are many different taxi firms. There are many taxi companies are operating illegally, no brand, can be deceiving your money. Read more:Hanoi taxi scams.To more secure và save your money, you should call the taxi firms with branded and have been long time activist in Hanoi airport as Noi Bai Airport Taxi, Mai Linh Hanoi Taxi.- Hanoi weather

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